You can ask everything to Larry (jackie's father). Send to me ( your questions for larry, I will send to Larry the questions, and he will send me the answers. Later,I will put the question with the answer in this page.


Question by AUDREY

What was Jackie's impression after her first day on the set of 15love ? What did she say about it ?

Answer by Larry: About 3 weeks before the first day of filming all the actors ,their parents, the crew ,writers, producers etc were invited to the set for lunch and for everybody to meet each other .  we spent the whole day together and Jackie was very excited to be with everyone . the cast bonded immediately . it was good  for everyone not only to meet but to see where they would be working and all the surroundings .she  was very excited to start filming


Questions from: NATACIA

How did Jackie find out about 15love?  Why did she want to act in it?

Answer by Larry:  Jackie had a agent . the agent fond out about the show because all the agents are notified when something is being filmed . she felt Jackie would be perfect for a part . Jackie auditioned and got the job .jackie read the script and thought it would be a great show .this was going to be her profession doing movies tv shows and especially live plays

Question from: LADYANGEL

What is the last thing you remember about Jackie?

Answer by Larry I donít  exactly understand the question but I can tell you that  whenever I think about Jackie which is all the time I think about her always having a beautifull smile . larry